Workshop for Advanced Nitrides & Oxynitrides, August 31- September 1, Noboribetsu

We would like to invite you to join the above workshop as a part of the symposium in Hokkaido University. This research field started from Europe and has already expanded worldwide. Some applications have been realized as high temperature ceramics, semiconductor substrates, fluorescent emitters, magnetic materials and so on. Emerging materials and their application are also expected in near future.

The workshop in hot spring hotel in Noboribetsu will be useful to accelerate the further development of the field activating our mutual discussion. Bus trip will be provided starting from Hokkaido University on Thursday morning through Lake Toya. The bus will stop at New Chitose airport around Friday noon to catch your return fight on the way back to Hokkaido University.

We would appreciate your active participation and we look forward to your contribution related to nitride based materials. This event will be a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences within this emerging research field.

Chairman : Yuji Masubuchi (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Please download the tentative schedule of the workshop.